Welcome to paradise


Unspoiled soft sandy beaches, lush rain forest, sapphire blue waters, laid back atmosphere, cordial and helpful people, relaxation. If you enjoy diving, there are several dive sites filled with reefs, coral and marine life just a short distance away. Tobago’s mountainous northern main ridge which adjoins Castara hosts some of the most incredible waterfalls and rock lined pools. It also boasts tropical flora and fauna with hundreds of birds species that attracts thousands of visitors annually.

All this coupled with local cultural activities and attractions namely Bonfire Thursdays, Boat tour’s, Hiking, Local cuisine, Restaurant and Bars, curbside food and grills, dirt oven bread and pastries, seasonal activities experience (night market and boat race), and fresh seafood makes Castara the perfect destination for visitors like you who want to fill their holiday with excitement and memories. 

Castara boasts the largest single activity held in the Island of Tobago. That of the fisherman’s fete which is celebrated annually in August, the day after the Inter island great boat race. 

1) Bonfire Thursday nights: Although the village of Castara is hailed as quiet and
welcoming, locals and tourists alike have been known to get a little
loud, particularly at the bonfire event, a vibrant beach party hosted weekly in
the tranquil of the iconic Castara beach.  This activity is filled with Steel pan music,  a rhythm
section and a live DJ to dance the night away. Bonfires set up with bamboo
along the shoreline lends the perfect ambience for photography and spending
quality time with family and friends, and loved ones. It is a fulfilling
tradition dating back in times. Villagers, tourists and people from surrounding
villages are attracted to this event. 


2)Castara Waterfall : Apart from the many pristine beaches boasted in and around
Castara, the cool spring waters that awaits you at the waterfall is supremely
restorative. Just a short 10-15mins. hike and you may have it all to yourself to
enjoy. If you’re lucky you may see species of birds and wildlife on the way. 


During your visit be sure to check out some of the aforementioned attractions. You wouldn’t need a vehicle because much of these activities are situated a cool one to two minutes stroll from La casa de Castara. The location of La casa de Castara is epic, as it  stands in the epicenter of the village of Castara. You literally only have to step onto the roadway outside of your accommodation and you are in center stage with all amenities and entertainment surrounding you.